Utilipay® Utility Expense Management

Invoice Management / Bill Processing

Controlling your organizations’ utility costs starts with organizing your utility invoice data. Utilipay® organizes and categorizes your utility invoices through our specialized utility management software which converts your utility information into energy management reports that are easy to view and understand.

Most organizations spend countless hours reviewing and paying utility bills and are left confused by all the charges. Our software organizes and categorizes the core elements of your utility bills and provides that information into master meter documentation, usage reporting, meter cost comparison and other analytics. The web-based reporting enables our clients to view bill data, interval data, budgets, forecasts and energy management savings for the entire organization or down to a specific site.

Utilipay® offers a variety of secure utility bill payment solutions. Utility bills are processed immediately once they are received. Utility information is electronically captured, entered into our Utilipay® database, and payments are made directly to the utility companies on your behalf. A bill payment specialist reviews invoices prior to payment to ensure that account numbers are accurate and that billing amounts fall within the preapproved range. Utilipay® expense management service eliminates duplicate payments and payment of bills for the wrong accounts, captures billing data electronically for easier analysis and reporting, frees up accounts payable staff for other assignments and ensures timely and accurate payment of utility invoices.

Utility Data Management

Utilipay® Data Management solutions helps customers track energy usage by providing more comprehensive and convenient access to utility invoices. Paper invoices and/or scanned images are forwarded to Utilipay® and entered into our advanced data warehouse which separates out key components for analysis and converts them into an easy to read report. Utilipay® uses state-of-the-art analytical programs and our analysts are well experienced at reviewing energy & water consumption patterns and rates. When each bill is received, it will be analyzed to ensure the consumption is where it is expected to be per seasonal billing period. Data is traceable back to the original PDF of your utility bill inside the Utilipay® Data Management system. This powerful reporting application takes utility billing data and converts it into useful information for in-depth analysis. The data can be rolled up for a multi-site program by building type, by region or for the total organization. Sharing this data throughout the organization brings accountability to each site.

Utility Invoice Auditing

It’s common to have your utility provider bill you with incorrect bill amounts, mistaken meter reads, incorrect multipliers, missed payments or high usage rates. The lack of attention from the service providers can cost your organization thousands of dollars without even realizing it. The responsibility of understanding and keeping up with your provider’s current rate structure and multifaceted billing methods falls in the hands of your organization. Identifying the inconsistencies requires industry specific knowledge and immediately action. Our experienced industry experts scrutinize your utility invoices looking to uncover any previous, current and future errors. When an error occurs, Utilipay® contacts the utility directly and works to resolve the problem on your behalf. Utilipay® expense management service ensures that your utility invoices are accurate and paid on time.


  • Reduce time and expense spent by identifying billing errors and other anomalies.
  • Eliminate the time and effort required to get errors corrected by the utility provider.
  • Receive credits and/or refunds for previous, current and future invoice errors due to utility provider oversight.
  • Receive reassurance that your organization’s utility provider’s prices are accurate.
  • Maintain accurate records of energy consumption and utility costs.

Vacant Cost Recovery

Analyzing utility bills and comparing them to you tenant’s occupancy period can be a time consuming and difficult process. Utilipay® Vacant Utility Cost Recovery program allows your organization to recover utility costs billed to them when utility service and payment responsibility was not transferred to the tenants in a timely fashion. We retroactively invoice tenants for their utility consumption from the time the tenant occupies the unit until the account is transferred. Utilipay® then generates and mails an invoice to the tenant for their portion of the utility usage. This program is ideal for our multifamily residential clients. They are most susceptible to paying countless dollars for utility consumption in units misclassified as vacant by the utility companies, because those accounts are constantly being placed back into their responsibility. Vacant unit cost recovery can be applied to utility services such as: water, sewer, natural gas, electric, propane, cable, trash, etc. Utilipay® vacant cost recovery will not only offset energy costs, it will improve your organization’s bottom line. Energy invoice data is organized and managed, offering your organization access to real time friendly energy management reports.

Utility Deposit Recovery

Utilipay® Deposit Recovery service helps customers recover funds held as security deposits by utility companies. Security deposits are often required before utilities will begin servicing a new account. Deposits can be held for years, long after the customer has established a consistent payment history. Utilipay® can often recover these funds, rather than collecting interest for the utility. Utilipay® deposit recovery team meticulously reviews customer utility accounts to identify any outstanding deposits. Once deposits are verified, requests for refunds or deposit reductions are made on your behalf.

  • Reduce or eliminate security deposits
  • Maintain an accurate register of outstanding deposits
  • Free up capital for other uses