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How Does A Submetering System Work

Multifamily Utility Company offers code-compliant submetering systems for both new construction and retrofit or replacement of existing systems. From system design and installation to maintenance and ongoing service we handle everything so you don’t have to!

We sell, install, read and service non-proprietary meter systems and electronics components from industry leading manufacturers such as Master Meter, Neptune, Elster, Wellspring, American Meter, Norgas, IMS, E-Mon, Triacta, Inovonics and Hexagram. We are dedicated to the seamless transition from field installation work to resident billing and program reporting.

With more than 20 years of experience in multifamily, condominium, mobile home, commercial and military submetering systems, our knowledgeable equipment technicians ensure proper installation and maintenance and monitor your system’s performance - working with your site maintenance staff to correct common issues and minimize service costs.

Committed to being an industry leader in customer service we offer live support in both English and Spanish. This allows us to respond to and follow up with residents, property staff, management and ownership without delay. Service requests and questions are handled in a routine and detailed manner, allowing us to track, respond to and resolve customer issues quickly and professionally.

Water Submetering

Multifamily Utility Company delivers innovative and focused water and wastewater products and programs for the multifamily, condominium, mobile home, commercial and military markets. With ever rising water and wastewater costs water submetering is an effective way to promote conservation.

By utilizing water meters from Master Meter, Neptune, Elster and Wellspring we are able to design a water submetering system for any situation.

Electricity Submetering

The rising cost of electricity is a universal concern. The escalating cost for electricity pose problems for property managers, condominium owners, condominium boards and residential apartment owners and managers alike.
At Multifamily Utility Company, we know that creative solutions are needed to help manage the expense of providing in-suite electricity and to control electricity costs in a fair and easy manner. With electric meters from IMS, E-Mon and Triacta we can design and install a system that is right for you.

Gas Submetering

With today's ever-fluctuating cost of natural gas, it is vital for consumers to have the ability to accurately measure their gas consumption. American Meter and Norgas gas meters provide this information to allow consumers to better control and manage their everyday gas consumption.

Heating & Cooling Submetering

With the ever-increasing cost of energy, it is vital for consumers to have the ability to accurately measure their energy consumption. Heating and cooling meters provide this information to consumers by measuring the physical flow of the energy used.

In situations where we are unable to measure the individual flow of energy for heating and cooling we can utilize a variety of run-time meters to effectively and accurately allocate the energy cost.

Why Should You Submeter?

Submetering systems provides several benefits, whether promoting conservation, operationally or a combination there of. Some of the major benefits are:

• Promoting conservation
• Reducing your administrative burden
• Stabilizing rents
• Reducing operating costs thereby increasing property value
• Improving cash flow

How Does It Work?

1. A complete property analysis is completed. This includes a needs analysis to determine the need and goal of
the proposed submetering system along with an analysis to determine the best submetering products for the
property and application.

2. Notices are issued to inform residents of the new submetering system.

3. Equipment is ordered and depending on state and local regulations may be sent to a government office for
inspection and testing.

4. An installation schedule is set and installation of the meters and meter reading system are conducted.

5. Meters and associated building, unit and resident information are uploaded to our billing system and verified
for accuracy by property staff.

6. Meter information is read via wireless transmitters and receivers and transmitted back to Multifamily Utility
Company headquarters.

7. Individual meter readings are then imported into a state-of-the-art billing system and individual utility bills
are created.

8. Utility bills are sent directly to residents via U.S. Mail and/or electronically to e-mail addresses.

9. Multifamily Utility Company collects payments via multiple payment methods including check, money order,
eCheck or major credit card. Online and phone payments are also accepted 24/7/365.

10. A monthly utility reimbursement check is then sent to the owner, manager, association manager or other
persons in charge of receiving payments.

We provide submetering and utility billing services to all 50 states
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