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  Submetering – System Design, Installation, Maintenance & Ongoing Service

Multifamily Utility Company offers code-compliant submetering systems for both new construction and retrofit or replacement of existing systems. From system design and installation to maintenance and ongoing service we handle everything. We use licensed subcontractors when required.

  RUBS – Customized Ratio Utility Billing Systems

Multifamily Utility Company offers a variety of customized Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS) for situations where the constraints of space and/or construction do not allow a property to be submetered. RUBS can be utilities for almost all utilities including water, wastewater, electric, gas and trash. 

  Billing & Collections – Timely & Accurate Billing

Multifamily Utility Company is committed to timely and accurate billing every month, regardless of the type of billing: submetered or RUBS. Detailed utility charges are all on a single, professional statement which is mailed and/or delivered electronically to e-mail.

  Automated Invoice Processing

Multifamily communities could achieve conservation and reduce risk by taking advantage of our automated invoice processing platform. This is an exclusive program devised to help save you time and money using our utility billing expertise.

  Utilipay® Utility Expense Management

Utility Expense Management service by Multifamily Utility Company. Utilipay® provides expanded insight into your utility expenses and adds savings to your bottom line. Utilipay® creates substantial opportunities for returns on your investment.

  Meter Maintenance & Compliance – Ensuring Accuracy

Multifamily Utility Company uses reliable, high quality precision products from the industry’s leading manufacturers of utility metering and submetering hardware. No matter the quality all meters need maintenance to ensure accuracy for the benefit of both the resident and the owner.

  Other Services – A Variety of Services to Meet Your Property Needs

Multifamily Utility Company has a variety of complimentary services to go along with our submetering and billing options. From financing to utility expense management to convergent billing we have additional services to meet your property needs.

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