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Multifamily Utility Company is a certified, fully trained TapWatch® service provider. Data is collected remotely and posted to a customized web page for download. Inovonics TapWatch® submetering system was designed specifically for the multifamily industry. Unlike Ratio Utility Billing

Systems (RUBS), submetering uses utility meters in each unit to accurately determine residents’ individual usage. The wireless system tracks daily utility use and sends the data to a billing company. The billing company then bills each resident based on their individual consumption. This process reduces a property’s operating expenses and encourages utility conservation among residents.

More than 1.2 million apartment units are currently using Inovonics submetering systems to recover utility costs. The
system is used by the largest multifamily REITS, as well as other small to large property owners, because of the numerous benefits wireless submetering delivers.


Inovonics RDL8500 Remote Data Logger

The RDL8500 remote data logger is a data logger for the TapWatch submetering system. The RDL8500 interfaces to the wireless network for collection of utility consumption data, stores the collected data, and transfers the data to a remote billing server for bill generation. A PC running TapWatch 3 software is used to access the RDL8500.


Inovonics EN6540 Network Coordinator

The Inovonics EN6540 network coordinator bridges messages between your submetering application and the Inovonics EchoStream wireless network. The EN6540 configures network parameters, enables network features and monitors network performance.


Inovonics EN5040-T Repeater with Battery Backup and Transformer

This sophisticated line-powered 900 MHz repeater receives, decodes, and re-transmits signals from Inovonics Wireless EchoStream® series transmitters. The EN5040 acts as a “range expander” for any Inovonics Wireless EchoStream transmission that it “hears”, allowing the Inovonics Wireless installation to scale from smaller commercial sites to large campuses with several buildings. It includes an on-board, state-of-the-art, lithium-ion battery. For applications that require protection for the EN5040 from environmental elements, it may be placed in an outdoor weatherproof enclosure (ACC640).


Inovonics ES1501 EchoStream Pulse Meter Transmitter

The Inovonics ES1501 TapWatch transmitter is designed for use with any pulse-output meter in an EchoStream TapWatch submetering system. TapWatch transmitters are compatible with virtually any meter with a pulsed output, including meters from AMCO, Badger, Master Meter, Invensys, ista North America, and many others. The included mounting options facilitate easy installation.


Inovonics ES1501-XL EchoStream Pulse Meter Transmitter with 20-Year Batter

The Inovonics ES1501 TapWatch transmitter is designed for use with any pulse-output meter in an EchoStream TapWatch submetering system. TapWatch transmitters are compatible with virtually any meter with a pulsed output, including meters from AMCO, Badger, Master Meter, Invensys, ista North America, and many others. The included mounting options facilitate easy installation.


Inovonics MetraMeter Register

The Inovonics MetraMeter register is used to retrofit previously installed 5/8" Neptune T-10 meters for use in the Inovonics TapWatch submetering system. The RF transmitter is protected inside the easy-to-read register.

The MetraMeter register is available in one configuration. Use part number EN1550-REG for 902-928 Mhz North America, 915-928 Mhz Australia, and 922-928 Mhz New Zealand.



The foundation of the flexible Aclara STAR Network system is a uniquely designed meter transmission unit (MTU) that reads the utility meter. MTUs operate on a schedule specified by the utility and can transmit multiple readings per hour.
Gas and water units are mounted near or on the meter, and are powered by a permanent, lithium-ion battery that guarantees trouble-free operation for up to 20 years, depending on how often the unit communicates. Electric MTUs integrate with the meter and offer a battery backup that ensures continuous receipt of data from the meter during outages.

MTUs transfer data over secure, licensed 450- to 470-MHz radio frequencies to data collector units (DCUs) positioned strategically throughout the utility’s service area. DCUs use a variety of backhaul options to transfer data to the utility – radio and cellular signals, fiber-optics, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. Robust system architecture ensures no missed readings and guarantees security and revenue protection.

Within the utility, the system’s network control computer (NCC) provides user-friendly access to usage data through a Web browser-based interface. Utilities can also integrate the NCC database with other applications such as billing programs or data management systems. If the STAR Network system is configured for two-way communications, the utility also can send data to the meter.



Hexagram/Star Network AMR Transmitters and Data Collectors

Hexagram's automatic meter reading transmitters and data collectors provide FCC-Licensed, clear channel transmission of water, gas and electric meter readings. In point-of-use allocation billing, Hexagram's run-time transmitters eliminate the need for installation of gas submeters.


Quadlogic has provided electric submetering systems for residential and commercial customers for over 25 years. Leading electrical contractors, property owners and property managers depend on the accuracy and reliability of their equipment. Their meters are also capable of receiving pulse data from water, gas and BTU meters for a complete utility metering solution.

The foundation of their technology is their patented Power Line Communications which utilizes a building's existing power lines to transmit metered data, so no additional wiring or meter readers are required. They offer solid-state, electric meters as well as complete metering systems (comprised of simply: meter(s), data collector(s) and software for data retrieval.)


Scan Transponder-5


  • Central data collector
  • Single collection point for both commercial and residential applications
  • Uses through-transformer PLC technology
  • Collects data for:
    - Up to 240 metering points (Submetering)
    - Up to 700 metering points (Utility)
  • Integrated PLC
  • Full two-way communication
  • Non-volatile flash memory


IQ² Software
Web-Based Energy Monitoring, Analysis, and Tenant Billing Solution


IQ² is Quadlogic’s new web-based package for easy energy monitoring, energy usage analysis, and tenant billing. IQ² provides an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and web access to metered energy data and tenant billing applications. Property managers and building engineers can easily monitor metered loads for consumption (kWh) and demand (kW), analyze usage and demand over time, prepare measurement and verification (M&V) reports, and produce tenant invoices. Commercial and residential tenants can have access to their energy usage. Web-based means that password-enabled users have access to meter data from any off-site location with Internet service.





Quadlogic’s IQ Software is a data retrieval software package that interfaces with Quadlogic meters and systems for true AMR (Automatic Meter Reading). IQ Software accesses, organizes and stores the meter data necessary for bill generation and system maintenance. Quadlogic Metering Systems are used by utilities, third party billing companies, property managers and building engineers.





SpeedRead is a leader in advanced AMR submetering solutions for water, gas, and electricity measurement and monitoring. SpeedRead provides efficient utility monitoring services that are backed by uninterrupted meter reading transmissions with greater signal travel capacity which require fewer transmitters to provide reliable and robust solutions for our customers.

By measuring true consumption rather than statistically estimating consumption, each SpeedRead installation improves the efficiency, accuracy, and economies for effective utility service management.

continues to invest in engineering, manufacturing, and customer service development to provide innovative technology that produces value and satisfaction.



SpeedRead Transmitter

The SpeedRead STx Transmitters are the devices that interface with the utility (water, gas, or electric) sub meter and provide the basis for the collection of the meter reading data for the fixed network AMR system. Since 2000 SpeedRead Technologies has connected tens of thousands of water, gas and electric meters to the SpeedRead STx Transmitters in numerous apartment communities, high rise condominiums, manufactured home communities, privately owned and operated utilities and municipal water systems.


SpeedRead Concentrator

 The SpeedRead Concentrator provides a robust solution for fixed network meter reading information, collection and storage. The regional concentrator unit receives and stores transmitted data from thousands of utility meters utilizing the SpeedRead technology, and conveys the information via a modem, to a central control system that utilizes the SpeedNet AMR software.


SpeedRead Repeater

The SpeedRead Repeater V2a is a sophisticated signal relay that works with the SpeedRead Concentrator to increase the area of coverage for the installation of the STx Transmitters. By forwarding the received transmissions of STx units that are out of range of the Concentrator, the repeater can save on infrastructure cost. The new aluminum case allows additional protection from the elements and makes mounting easier as the device is equipped with its own mounting plate for flush mounting or mast mounting with a clamp.


Radiopath Metering Automation

Radiopath offers a new level of wireless utility submetering technology designed specifically for the multifamily and small utility industries. Although apartments, condominiums and marinas have been realizing the benefits of wireless metering for years, only now can they get the complete package including operating software.  The True Read metering system works with most electric, gas and water meters and accommodates most metering outputs such as encoded, pulser and switched. 

The True Read system uses the 2.4 GHz frequency allowing the system to be used for submetering internationally.  The system does not require an FCC license to operate as some do. 

Radiopath offers an industry leading 3 year warranty.  Along with replaceable batteries and large memory capacity, the system is hands down one of the easiest to install.

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