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Other Services – A Variety of Services to Meet Your Property Needs

Multifamily Utility Company has a variety of complimentary services to go along with our submetering and billing options. From financing to utility expense management to convergent billing we have additional services to meet your property needs.

With more than 20 years of experience in multifamily, condominium, mobile home, commercial and military submetering and billing services, our knowledgeable staff ensures proper setup and implementation.

Committed to being an industry leader in customer service we offer live support in both English and Spanish. This allows us to respond to and follow up with residents, property staff, management and ownership without delay.

Questions are handled in a routine and detailed manner, allowing us to track, respond to and resolve customer issues quickly and professionally.

System and Equipment Financing

Multifamily Utility offers flexible financing options. Financing is available for submetering and billing contracts and includes equipment and labor. Financing options include up to 36-month terms.

Multifamily Utility Company currently has several financing plans specifically designed to assist you in the start-up of your submetering system, including:

  • New Construction System and Installation
  • Shared Revenue
  • Zero Down


  • Eliminates any up-front investment
  • Immediate cash flow (Depending on options)
  • Convenient repayment plans

Utility Expense Management

Did you know you might be able to reduce your utility expenses? Most of us just accept what’s on the bill, and pay it. We suggest taking a closer look. Multifamily Utility can conduct a complete audit of your utility bills (gas, water, electric and sewer) to determine if there are savings opportunities for your property or community.


  • Vacant Cost Recovery
  • Vacant Cost Management
  • Utility Bill Processing

Convergent Billing

Convergent billing allows you to distribute utility, rent or HOA charges and any ancillary charges on one bill.  With convergent billing, you no longer have to track rent payments and utility payments separately.  Owners or residents receive one bill with all of their charges.  Convergent billing is proven to increase collections, speed receivables, and to free up Property Managers to focus on resident service.

  • Eliminate payment processing
  • Reduce late payments
  • Integrate billing of vacant cost recovery
  • Simplify billing
  • Reduce administrative tasks
  • Include targeted owner or resident messages

Vacant Utility Cost Recovery

Our Vacant Utility Cost Recovery program allows our clients to recover utility costs billed to them when utility service and payment responsibility was not transferred to their tenants in a timely fashion. Through comparative analysis, we retroactively invoice tenants for utility consumption occurring between the time a tenant takes occupancy and the time a utility company transfers the account from a vacant unit to their new customer.

This program is ideal for our multifamily residential clients. They are most susceptible to paying countless dollars for utility consumption in units misclassified as vacant by the utility companies, because those accounts are constantly being placed back into their responsibility.

Prepaid Utility Plans

Do you know that telephone; mobile phone, cable TV and other services often collect in advance of usage? Multifamily Utility Company offers a prepay option that requires residents to pay for utility usage in advance of using it. Its simple, the resident deposits money into their account upon move-in. As utility bills are issued the funds on deposit will be debited.

The resident can access his or her account at any time via the internet to see the remaining balance and increase their deposit via on line payments. If funds reach a minimum predetermined level, we notify the resident of their account status.

Collection Services

Multifamily Utility Company works with managers and owners to identify the best combination of collection services to produce the greatest return for each of your properties.

The easier it is for residents to pay their bills, the easier it is to increase collections. With our convenient payment options including payment by check, money order, eCheck and Credit Card by mail, over the phone or online we have eliminated all of the excuses!

Components to Successful Collections

  • Resident acceptance of billing
  • Consultative property management training
  • Convenient payment options for residents
  • Configurable delinquent notices

We provide submetering and utility billing services to all 50 states
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