Reseller Program

Who Should Consider Being a Reseller?

  • Current Customers
  • Commercial Realtors
  • Management Companies
  • HOA Management Companies
  • Multifamily Industry Servicers and Suppliers

Reseller Benefits

  • Help spread a valuable conservation technique
  • Provide a method to decrease property expenses
  • Show how owner’s can increase their NOI and property value
  • Provides an opportunity to contact your existing clients so that you can
    • Touch base with them to see if they need your services
    • Introduce and sell Submetering and Billing services to them
    • Provide Submetering, Billing & Energy consultation and training
  • Receive a commission from Multifamily Utility Company sales

How Do I Become a Multifamily Utility Company Certified Reseller?

  • Fill out our Reseller Application to get the process started and receive a copy of our Reseller Agreement.

Reseller Expectation / Requirements

  • Represent Multifamily Utility Company in a professional manner
  • Handle basic service information
  • Provide informational brochures
  • Handle basic 'how does it work' questions

Reseller Commissions

  • Commission schedules will be provided once you Reseller Application has been approved. We will provide commission details upon request to new customers as part of our “open” policy.

Commissions are paid quarterly 30 days after the end of a quarter for any amounts over $200. Cumulative commissions less than $200 are accrued.

Marketing Material

Reseller marketing material is available through your Reseller point of contact, this material has been designated for Reseller use only. These items are for selling and marketing use and include training Powerpoint Presentations, Marketing Materials and Graphic images including Multifamily Utility Company logos. If you require assistance, please contact us.